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Selling Online/On Etsy

Most of this information was geared towards selling on Etsy but it also applies to running any online shop too. Sources for these notes are from here and here:

  • Consider starting out selling just digital products and then moving on to physical items – there’s no shipping/packaging/merchandising involved with purely digital products so if you’re new to figuring out how to sell stuff online it may be easier this way
  • Have lots of items – not just a few. It puts people off if you only have a small amount of products in your shop. Psychologically it can make people more uncomfortable as it makes you seem more unprofessional and less legitimate. Aim to have around 20 cohesive items rather than just a handful
  • If you have loads of items in your shop make sure you don’t have the ones that aren’t selling obscuring the ones that are selling well – look at your sale statistics and make decisions accordingly. Eg/ arrange your best selling items to be at top of your shop
  • On Etsy you can copy listings by clicking on it and going into manage and and pressing copy to save time
  • The appearance is important for sales – think about product photography (bright minimalist photos), colour coding your items by type, fonts and so on. Edit the photographs so they advertise the product as well as they can
  • Market your Etsy site on your other social media channels and your site too – don’t expect Etsy to send all the traffic to you
  • Learn to use Etsy SEO – about descriptions, titles and tags and optimising how many views you get. The more descriptive and specific words you use to describe the product the better
  • Have a strongly written About section – make it in depth, explaining your process and story to really promote your processes/creativity/skills and humanise your products
  • Banner image – you don’t necessarily have to have them to be successful. If you’re struggling with the graphics/size/look and it compromises the overall aesthetic of the shop then don’t have one
  • Be accurate with your turnaround times. Your customer service matters – it can make them repeat customers and they can also leave positive feedback on your page which makes you more reputable. Try to have a relatively short turnaround time. Consider putting photos/updates if you have lots of products that you’re selling on your social media to both promote what you’re selling and also inform your customers where the product is at

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