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Getting into Concept Art Industry

Notes from a video on getting into the concept art industry by Ahmed Aldoori:

  • You need great work and need to be great to work with
  • Concept artists can often do illustration and vice versa but the two aren’t necessarily interchangeable – concept art can be more about ideas (eg/ you can design armour and have an image of leather but you don’t necessarily have to draw all the leather depending on what you’re designing for) but illustration tends to be more about a finalised drawing/painting
  • Place yourself in the position of the art director/designer and know that you need to choose your team – try to objectively examine your own work with this in mind. What does your work have that others don’t? How does your work compare to theirs?
  • Learning the technical skills is only the first part. Knowing the industry is another, as is learning to market yourself. You need to know what you want to design ie/ environments, characters, vehicles, weapons or maybe even all of the above.  Do your research
  • Learn to design – setting yourself your own project is a great way of doing this. Try not to make generic paintings that look too much like other people’s. Learn to take criticism well
  • Don’t annoy people by emailing art directors everyday – get noticed by having an impressive portfolio or doing a project
  • Take opportunities that you may not be that interested it at first so you get your name out there and prove you can do projects reliably
  • Try to get in touch with your distinctive art style and what interests you rather than what you think would become popular online or what you think it should look like (eg/ hyper-realistic). Market yourself by making your portfolio unique and try to avoid cliches. Know that art directors will have seen hundreds/thousands of portfolios and if you have attempted to mimic another artist there is a high likelihood that they’ll notice

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