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Advice on Getting Noticed as an Illustrator

These notes of from Will Terry’s video on How to Get Noticed as an Illustrator:

  • Except to make mistakes. They’ll eventually lead to successes
  • Some people make fanart to gain a following as well as freelancing and painting – fanart isn’t something you’d have on a professional portfolio but it tends to exist because the creators enjoy making it (and it’s possible to sell prints at events like Comic Con). It’s not really a way of making much of an income, it tends to just be for fun although it can bring you more attention from the group of fans from the thing that you’re making fanart for
  • If you make art that you’re passionate about, are enjoying and are interested in then it’s much likelier to stand out
  • Consider having an agent/representative
  • He claims that as long as you make the best art you can and put it somewhere where it can be seen eventually it will be noticed
  • Recommends a ‘jab jab punch’ for social media – the punch being about something that you can buy (eg/ prints) and the jabs being other things
  • He claims how much you post/the frequency of how much you post on social media doesn’t really make that much difference compared to the quality of your art
  • Assume when you’re starting out that your work isn’t as good as it going to be and that’s why it takes a long time to establish yourself
  • Try having a network of artists that you see as better than you are as a motivator for your improvement. You can see their skills, techniques, a glimpse into how they market themselves, their portfolios and so on

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