Mike Bennett Lecture

Today’s lecture was given to us from Mike Bennett (no relation) who is a musician/graphic designer/curator/artist/business man from Liverpool. His talk was lively and interesting and he’s had a huge variety of roles. Unlike the other lectures, his was more focused on getting yourself motivated to achieve what you want rather than specific information about how to do that. The main things I took away from the lecture have been:

  • Put your logo/brand everywhere. On your social media, in every picture you upload, on your walls, outside your building, on all your handouts, business cards and so on
  • Go the extra mile to get people’s attention and participation. For example, when he owned with a group of creatives they’d hang fabric with writing on outside of the window so people would know what was going on in that building and where it was. In the same building they’d throw elaborate parties which led to a career and owning a business planning parties, festivals and so on
  • Pay your business rates/taxes. His company got shut down because of not doing this. It’s just a good idea
  • Find you collective. Identify your strengths, your role within a group (eg/ are you a leader, a follower, an ideas person…) and try to pick other people whose strengths are your weaknesses 
  • Make yourself indispensable
  • Instead of looking for a job create one
  • Network well
  • Research thoroughly
  • Educate yourself
  • Focus on what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. It should be because you’re enjoying it
  • Make sure you are doing what you want to. If you are, you should be a whole lot happier. Don’t be afraid of being too ambitious

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