Studio Work

Update From The Studio: Oil and Watercolour Videos (Continued)

For the past few months I’ve been busy filming, editing and pieces together clips of the oil and watercolour footage in order to fit it to music. I’ve learned a lot about the editing process and the speed at which I can create them has improved drastically. With our degree show coming up, this third year project is drawing to a close and for the degree show I will be projecting a selection of my videos inside of a peep-hole box. The idea is for it to become as immersive as possible and due to issues with lighting, space and feasibility the smaller scale is far more practical even though it’s not 100% ideal. Anyway, here is the latest video that I’ve made, with a more sinister vibe and aesthetic than the rest:

Studio Work

Update From the Studio: Oil and Watercolour Videos

As I wasn’t satisfied with my installations I went on a tangent using the oil and watercolour photography I had done earlier – only creating videos to capture it instead of still photography. The images above are stills from my videos and my Youtube channel which has all of my videos can be found here.

After lots of experimenting with editing I created videos where I fit the events of what was going on with the oil and watercolour to music. The first video I made with this idea is below and the music isĀ Ornithium by userĀ InfraRaven.